Metal Machining of a Stainless Steel Drive Shaft Holder Tool for the Aircraft Maintenance Industry

Stainless Steel Drive Shaft Holder Tool
Stainless Steel Drive Shaft Holder Tool

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At Plastic Products, Inc., our experienced machining team is often called on to solve unique challenges. In the project highlighted here, a city official contacted us to inquire whether we were able to assist them regarding the repair of a police air support helicopter. The Augusta A-119 aircraft required new bearings in the tail rotor, but the specialty tool required to perform the maintenance required a 6 to 8 week lead time from the manufacturer in Europe. To prevent extended downtime of this critical piece of equipment, we worked directly with the city's maintenance crew to build a custom drive shaft holder tool from 347 stainless steel.

The custom tool measure 13" in length, 6" in width and is milled from 2" thick material. It was milled on our Haas CNC mill to tolerances of ±0.001", according to ANSI Y 14.5 specifications. By making this project a priority and working quickly to develop the tool design in accordance with the required specifications, we were able to assist the city in getting the helicopter repaired and cleared for flight within 5 days. Our Plastic Products team has a wealth of industry experience and is adept at quickly providing solutions to a variety of manufacturing and machining challenges. For additional information regarding this custom precision tooling fabrication project, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Stainless Steel Drive Shaft Holder Tool Project Highlights

Product Name
Stainless Steel Drive Shaft Holder Tool
Capabilities Applied/Process
CAD Drawing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Overall Part Dimensions
2" thk
6" width
13" length
Tight Tolerance
+/- .001" on hole pattern
Material Used
347 Stainless Steal
Industry Use
Aircraft Maintenance
Delivery/Turnaround Time
1 day
Delivery Location
Phoenix, Arizona
Standards Met
Customer Specifications and ANSI Y14.5

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